❗️ All Maui, Kauai and Oahu retail locations have sold out! But more masks will be available at Oahu and Kauai retail locations soon! Maui has suspended operations due to COVID-19. If you ordered a Neckie and Child Size neckie after March 1st, the next batch won't be available until beginning of April. We appreciate your patience during this busy time. We are working as fast as we can to get masks to you! More Winged Masks (excluding Ink Blue and Charcoal Grey) will be coming by the end of the week of March 23rd. MORE MASKS WILL BE SHIPPED OUT MARCH 31st and beyond. Snakeskin, Monstera, Hibiscus will be coming in next week of April 5th. Snakeskin is coming in Slate Grey now which will be sooner than our Snakeskin on white. But just let us know if you want to keep your Original Snakeskin. You will receive an email when your order ships. ❗️

The Barrier Method loved by International Opera Singers!

Opera Singer, Catriona Morrison has fallen in love with The Barrier Method has been spreading the mask love(not germs) to her fellow singers. Learn more about Catriona here: https://catrionamorison.com/


She says " Honestly your scarf is much better than the humidiflier. It's bulky and uncomfortable to wear with glasses. Switch back to the mask!" Catriona Morrison. 


When singing is your career and livelihood they can't afford to lose their voice or get sick. It isn't an option. Wearing The Barrier Method, keeps your throat and nose from drying out. Also keeps you cozy and relaxed so you have less to worry about on those long haul flights. 


Our goal at The Barrier Method, is to provide you protection, a preventive measure to keep you healthy. But also when you are calm and less stressed is when your immune system will stay stronger. We all know what stress does to the mind and body. We want to keep your mind at ease which will then keep your body healthy. 

Join the mask movement like Cat!! 




Founder and CEO 

The Barrier Method, A Travel Health Company





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