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Design Patented

US Patent No: D44,284 S


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Travel healthier and happier. 


You think you're on an airplane? What if we told you it's actually a petri dish with wings...

So you are ready to go on that dream vacation, bags packed, sunshine waiting for you, surfboards in tow … and then you heard it. 

The hacking, spluttering, quite frankly disgusting coughing and sneezing behind you as scenes from contagion start running through your mind.  And you, you had to sit there for 8 agonizing hours breathing in the mucus-y, recycled airplane air knowing your holiday was about to be ruined …

Just so you know, we've totally been there!  That's why we created The Barrier Method.  A science backed, fun, and totally stylish way to travel to your destination. 

Completely germ free!

The dust will be kicked up.

Arrive to the festival looking and feeling rad.

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Traveler Experiences

Traveled 21,000 miles this year and didn't get sick thanks to @thebarriermethod


My Neckie arrived today. Love it. And just in time. My 95 yr old aunt is failing health and I may be flying back to Chicago fairly soon. So glad I have your barrier scarves to help me stay healthy...In the plane and also in the hospitals or nursing homes. 

Linda from Kihei, Maui

Meet The Team

Solving a problem we've been having for years. We finally found a solution that works.

Improving the Travel Experience

Danielle Travis, 32 years old from Maui, Hawaii founded The Barrier Method in 2016 had a huge frustration getting sick when she traveled to the mainland to compete in polo tournaments.

She loved traveling, but did not enjoy getting sick. After a couple days after arriving at her destination, she would always get a sinus infection making her days miserable, while still having to compete! It totally hindered her performance.

Instead of focusing on the game, she had to think about going to the doctor, get meds, and pay out of pocket on top of her already expensive trip.

She was definitely sick of it. And sick days no more.

Designed in Hawaii. Made in Honolulu and Sunny California. 

What are we made of?

100% ECO Antibacterial Polyester

This fabric has so many amazing properties. It's light weight, wicking, UPF 50, breathable, non-pilling, wrinkle-resistant, water resistant when dry & inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria. 

100% NATURAL anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent. Extracted from the shell of a crabs! This amazing fabric is called Chitosanté. It is approved by the EPA to be safe for the environment as well as safe for the consumer. It is bio-degradable and sustainable.

Great for wearing while on a hiking adventure!

How to wash: Either hand wash cold with light detergent, or on gentle cycle. Hang to dry in the shade. Washing it will not lessen its anti-bacterial or UPF 50 properties. 

Anti-Anxiety Benefits

Preparing for a trip is both exciting and can be stressful. The fear of getting sick on a flight adds to this stress. Our product can help calm those nerves during your next flight without medication or a paper bag.

Wearing this mask puts more focus on your breath which actually puts you in a state of relaxation pretty quickly when you get to your seat.

Design Patented!

The outer layers are designed to attach to the inner layer or face liner. Our signature masks come sewn to the outer layer of your choice.

The front of the outer layer has a unique patent pending cinch to create shape underneath your eyes. Just so you don't look like a bandit.


We value keeping our masks made here. It was born and raised on the island of Maui. We are now located in Honolulu.  We hire local seamstresses to help us with new creations and smaller batches while our manufacturer in California makes larger quantities for us. 

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